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A beginning of a Short Story


 “What is it that you want? Just tell me” he said. Robert was staring at her back. He was frustrated with her. There was only one thing he wanted to do and that was to make her happy. Lucy wasn’t happy, there where to many things that have happened. “ I don’t know, I wish it was different. That the world, my world, was different”. She turned around and walked to him. He opened his arms to hug her. “Just hold me for now”. Her head in the little space under his collarbone, her head fit perfectly there. He lift her up and sit down on their little bed. They just lay there until it went dark and he stood up to cook some dinner.

She was a happy kid and just a normal teenage girl, was a good student and she loved to read. She loves to sing and draw too, but to be fair, she wasn’t very skilled. After she met Robert there where months of slowly falling in love. Learning about him what she liked and not liked. Everything was fine until the accident. She loved Robert, but she needed be happy on her own too.

Robert is a busy men, but he always made time to see her. To talk to her, to hold her. They lived together now, not officially yet. But she couldn’t bear to sleep alone anymore. She needed him to lie beside her and hold her through the night. She really liked living together, seeing each other every day, be kissed and to be hold every day. And when he left, a goodbye kiss and very sleepy hug.
When it was her time to wake up, she showered, get some breakfast and then she’ll did some choirs in the house. She often baked a cake or cookies. She loved the smell of new baked cookies.  This day wasn’t any different from other. But it was…

“ Hello my beautiful one. How was your day?’’ She didn’t heard him come in the house and she got a little spooked when he put his hand around her. She smelled the cologne she bought him two Christmases a go. “ Hello sweetie”, she gave him a longing kiss. “ It was fine, finished the book I’ve been reading. Yours?”. He chuckled “ It’s a good thing we have that many books, you have your own library! Work was fine, busy as usual, but I’ve made the deadline so. Let me get that.’’ He got the pan and put in the already decked table. She smiled, it was nice to have a loving and caring man as Robert. “ Dinner was great, love. I always like your cooking. Let’s go for a walk. The bookstore is still open if you want to go. Or do you don’t need new books?’’ She smiled, her cheeky geeky smile. “ I always need new books, you know that”.

“I’ve been thinking” he said on their way back. “ You know we can go anywhere, there is no need worrying about money.” “ I know.” She said, grabbing his hand. “ You know I always wanted to go to see those castles in Germany. Maybe if we can plan it right we can make a castle vacation?”. When she finished her sentence she blushed. It was twilight but he could still see it. They were standing on the bridge he had kissed her first. He cupped his hand around her cheek. He leaned in and brushed his lips against her lips. “ Why are you blushing? You are my princess and a princess needs a castle”. She smiled, “ It’s sound so silly, on the pictures they are so beautiful”. “ Like you” he said while he went down on one knee. “ No, no! What are you doing!? Don’t be silly, get up!”. “ But, “ he began. “ Lucy I love you, I want to make you happy. I thought that would make you happy, if you could get a wedding, however you want it.” She hold out her hand. “ Of course I want to marry you, I’m just scared. I don’t want to keep you from living. I, I don’t want to burden you. There are..” “ I won’t every get bored with you! I love you and don’t say there are prettier woman than you are. You are the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen. I love your smile, your blue green eyes, I see your face every time I close my eyes. You make feel alive!” He hugged her, he hold her in his arms and whispers in her ear “ Will you marry me? Will you be wife who will kiss me when I get back from work and who'll try to steal the last cookie everytime you baked them?” She tried to fight back her tears, but she already knew she couldn’t. She pushed him away a little so she could see into his eyes. “ Yes, I will kiss you every day for the rest of my life”.


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