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Forest of Thousand Lanterns by Julie C. Dao

Fairyloot October book was a Villainous read about an Asian Evil Queen. I did not expected much of it because I do not like Snowwhite's story and I'm new to the Asian setting. I do think that Asian culture is very interesting to learn from and about. Xifeng (shefung) is a poor girl who lives with her aunt in a little village in Feng Lu, all she has is the education her aunt taught her and her beauty. Her destiny is shown in the become the next Empress. So she set out towards the palace.... This is such a nice retelling from the POV of a villain! That is something I haven't read before. And I really liked it. Xifeng develops towards the Evil Queen and it is really nice to see that happen. Dao has a really nice writingstyle, I couldn't put the book down. Even if you don't read as much as I do or if you are not as good in English you can still easily read this book. ☆☆☆☆,5 If you doubt to read this book, do it! The series/duology is called &quo
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The Queen of the Tearling Series by Erika Johansen

When Kelsea Glynn is 19 years old, a group of men appear at her doorstep and take her to the Keep. There is her castle, because Kelsea isn't just some 19 year old girl. She is the Queen of the Tearling. With every book in this series I needed some time to get into the story, because the chapters are very large and it sometimes switches between POV's. Which is totally fine, but it sometimes distracted me too much. I really like this world building, I had some difficult with understanding when the story takes place (future) but after a while I got it and that made the books better. Although I did not like every aspect of Kelsea, Johansen is such a great writer. I liked how Johansen wrote the mysteries and made it all come together. I often was blown away by the revelation of some aspects of the stories! Kelsea is a strong young woman with a strong mind, but sometimes she does not think her actions through...and that has consequences. I also have a big dislike about her attit

Spindle Fire by Lexa Hillyer

This is not just a retelling about Aurora, but also about another girl, never been told. About her sister Isabelle. These two sisters are very different, but grew up together in the castle. And while Malfleur is getting stronger, the kingdoms are divided. And the girls get separated. This story is different from what I expected, I thought it would be more excitement. But although I was disappointed, it did read like a fairytale. It had a slow pace and that suit the story, the story about Sleeping Beauty. Because the writing wasn’t that fast paced I took my time reading, I even went three days without reading because I didn’t was drawn to it that much. I wish the story would have contained more excitement, more mystery and maybe folklore? I love Folklore and especially in fairytale books! This is definitely a fairytale retelling that reads like a real fairytale, like Hunted by Meagon Spooner. Next year Hillyer will bring out another book “Winter Glass” I think that this will

Hunted by Meagon Spooner

Yeva lives with her sisters and her father in a town house. But after they lose all of their wealth they have to move to their fathers hunting cabinet deep into the forest. Yeva is the youngest of her sisters and her father learned her how to hunt when she was little. But he gave up that life for his wife, Yeva's mother. When she was younger her father used to tell her stories about all the magic creatures who live in the forest. But now that Yeva  is so much outside again, she is doubting if the stories weren’t true… This book was written like a real fairy-tale. The beginning was slow but that was nice, that's what made it more a fairy-tale. And it was also nice because you didn’t had to rush into a story, you could just sit down and read a romantic book, with a magical and Russian twist.  While we were reading the story from Yevra’s aspect we also read parts of “Beasts’ Diary” and that aspect made the book even better! I really love this Beauty and the Beast rete

Given to the Sea by Mindy McGinnis

Khosa, like all the woman in the family became for her, is destined to give birth to one child and then dance into the sea. To save Stille. But she doesn’t want to die, nor she wants to be touched. Vincent is the third in line to the throne, his grandfather still rules although he is very old. His father can’t wait to be the next king, unlike Vincent, who doesn’t want to be king at all. Darah is not a normal girl, she is one of the last Indiri, people with magic and who are feared by others. She wants to find another male to breed with so she won’t die as the last of her kind. Witt is the head of the people of Pietra, the Lithos and he is the chosen one to lead the sick and old to the paths of death. This book had so much potential, but I did not like it at all. In this world it is okay to rape a woman, and you earn right the right to breed when you have a pure bloodline. Like horses. The author didn’t that much worldbuilding, I have no clue where what place lies,

Cruel Beauty & Crimson Bound – Rosamund Hodge

*These books are not translated to Dutch* Cruel Beauty – Rosamund Hodge    This is my first retelling of  fairytale. I wasn’t what to expect. I knew it would be darker than the tale we’re used to. As in the Disney Beauty and the Beast story. I liked it. The first sentence was for me the trigger to read it. “I was raised to marry a monster” In Arcadia the people live under the rules from the Demon Lord, The Gentle Lord. He strikes bargains. But with every bargain there is price you have to pay.  Nyx’s father strikes a deal with the Gentle Lord as his wife couldn’t bear children. He wanted to make her happy and having children would make her more happy than anything else. The price to pay is his daughter to marry him when she’s 17 years old.  Her sister Astria is the reason that her mother died at childbirth. Their father wants to keep her and loves her because she reminds her so much of his beloved wife. Nyx hates her. She doesn’t want to be the one who has to be sent a

Het huis aan de Gouden bocht/The Miniaturist by Jesse Burton

English follows Dutch Het Huis aan de Gouden Bocht Nella verhuisd naar Amsterdam als de vrouw van een rijke zakenman. Daar woont zij samen met Johannes Brandt, diens zus Marin en de dienstbodes Otto en Cornelia. Nella, 18 jaar en gescheiden van haar familie voelt zich alleen. Johannes koopt voor haar als trouwcadeau een groot poppenhuis van hun eigen huis aan de gracht. Om het huis te vullen met spullen huurt ze een miniaturist in, een ambachtsman die haar leven in een heel ander daglicht zet. Dit is een mysterieus verhaal en speelt zich af in 1660 in Amsterdam. Dit is een hele andere genre dan ik normaal lees. En Burton heeft zo’n fijne schrijfstijl, ik las eerder deze maand De Muze en ik kan niet wachten tot er nog meer boeken van Burton gepubliceerd worden! Als je van een historisch en mysterieus verhaal houdt zou je echt dit boek moeten lezen! Het heeft een doorlopende spanning en het leest erg fijn. Ik geef dit boek vier sterren. The Miniaturist Nella moves to